Platform Technology

Advanced Chemical Sensor Technology

Advanced nanodroplet-based sensing platform

This cutting edge technology makes it possible to continuously measure chemical and biological molecules with a high degree of accuracy. The small size of the sensor makes it a suitable platform for wearable medical devices, needing only tiny volumes of reagents. This is also beneficial for long term deployments of remote pollutant sensors in our rivers and seas.

Wearable technologies are increasingly available in our modern society to record our heart rate and physical activity, but it remains extremely difficult to effectively monitor the continuous chemical changes of the body or the effectiveness of medical drugs.

Continuous, real-time measurement of biomolecules in tissue fluids would accelerate our understanding of fundamental physiological and pathological processes, ultimately empowering healthcare professionals to make faster and potentially life-saving interventions.

Current detection technologies rely on expensive medical equipment and infrequent one-time measurements that may miss critical events potentially leading to slow or inaccurate diagnosis and poor treatment.

Dr Xize Niu founded SouthWestSensor (SWS) Limited, an ambitious university spinout company that has successfully created proprietary and patented technologies making portable and wearable real-time sensors possible.

SWS Approach

  •  Developed nano litre droplet-based sensor technology. Droplets can be used as discrete bioreactors for high frequency sensing of key chemical & biological markers
  •  Target molecules in the droplets are quantified via a colour change & optical read-out
  •  Developed autonomous device architecture and controlled pumping essential for reproducible & robust results

Key attributes:

☑ Platform compatible with most conventional assay formats
☑ Fully quantitative with high sampling frequency
☑ Small (portable/wearable), low power & reagent consumption, low cost