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    that you can trustSouthWestSensor (SWS) Limited is dedicated to bring advanced wearable/portable chemical sensor technologies.Learn More
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    in research and developmentSWS provides many great solutions and services.Learn More
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Continuous Diagnosis and management using wireless sensors.


Wireless sensors for remote capture of vital-signs in healthcare and wellbeing.

Bespoke Solutions

Bespoke bio-metric sensing technologies and data capture.

Challenges and Opportunities


Continuous, real-time and in situ measurement of biomolecule levels from blood or tissue fluids offers the potential to accelerate our understanding of fundamental physiological and pathological processes, to monitor drug metabolism, and to develop new therapies that utilise live biochemical information to guide treatment. Current point-of-care detection technologies are only able to perform one time measurement, which may miss out vital information, bring to wrong diagnostics and poor treatment.

Our Offers

SWS has created proprietary and patented technologies of chemical sensors that is portable or wearable, being able to monitor chemicals in fluids in realtime and continuously.  The sensor device can measure many of the chemical and biochemical biomarkers routinely tested in biochemistry and clinical chemistry labs.

Our Visions


We envisage that our device can be used in intensive care situations where accurate and real-time monitoring is desirable for rapid clinical responses, or be employed for therapeutic drug monitoring,  new drug development and scientific research. The device can also become an integral part of a future generation of smart sensor networks when combined with other sensor technologies. In this way a wide spectrum of biochemical and physical data could be measured simultaneously and cross-correlated, which would be instrumental in the future development of precision medicine,  personalised healthcare and homecare.

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