Advanced Chemical Sensor Technology

Healthcare Opportunities

There is a clinical need for rapid and portable monitoring of disease biomarkers for accurate diagnosis, early intervention and treatment. Many biomarkers are subject to rapid metabolism or circadian rhythms, so continuous monitoring in situ would provide more meaningful data. Existing methods rely on laboratory-based instrumentation which may take many hours to process and require the employment of skilled analysts. Such analysis can only provide a snapshot of the concentration of a specific biomarker at any given time and may miss a critical event delaying diagnosis and intervention.

Key attributes:

☑ Low cost wearable chemical sensors are ideally suited to critical care situations where accurate and real-time monitoring is desirable for informed rapid clinical responses.

☑ Wide spectrum of biomolecules can be measured with versatility already demonstrated through proof-of-concept data for glucose, lactate, nitric oxide and cortisol (miniature droplet ELISA).

☑ Advance progress in the development of precision medicine, personalised healthcare and homecare

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