Advanced Chemical Sensor Technology

Environmental Opportunities

Pollution from toxic chemicals threatens life on this planet. Every ocean and every continent, from the tropics to once-pristine Polar Regions, are contaminated” -WWF campaign.

Water pollution is a direct consequence of Man’s activities on the environment and as the Earth's population continues to grow there is ever-increasing pressure on the planet's water resources. Toxic chemical pollution, unintentional nutrient enrichment and algal blooms cause water quality problems across the globe.

Traditionally water sampling is typified by infrequent manual sampling requiring a small team of specialist analysts collecting the water and delivering it to an approved laboratory. This is an expensive protocol leading to budgetary pressures to reduce data collection.

Interest in the use of auto-analysers has increased over the last decade to save labour costs but those currently commercially available are expensive to purchase, expensive to run and often unreliable with detection limits less sensitive than those delivered by laboratory analysts.

Key attributes:

☑ Our water sensor is fully submersible and portable and can be deployed directly in to water where it can continuously measure polluting chemicals.

☑ Uses conventional and accepted chemical methods

☑ CE marking of first Nitrite/Nitrate sensor product is planned for 2019 with phosphate and silicate measurements to follow.

☑ Smaller environmental foot print, lower device costs and reduced maintenance required

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